Vibrating Strings

Since I was young, my parent’s living room filled itself with music, mainly classical. Here my fascination and passion for music, and wish to play an instrument started. I was amazed by the graceful melodies, sounds of the violin and the timbre that the instruments can bring to the listener.

Every musician has their own sound. In an orchestra, by listening to each other and anticipating the sounds of the other instruments, in harmony a story is created. For the individual musician, being part of an orchestra adds another layer, it adds a feeling of collectivity and collaboration, it urges you to keep on playing.

This experience has taught me that music can bring a deeper form of communication.

Music is not only about the sounds that you hear with your ears, but also the close connection with your instrument, and the harmony that you create with others. A feeling felt only when part of an orchestra.

When closing my eyes, I drift away together with the sound of the violin. The vibrations I experience give me comfort, connecting me with my feelings and the music. It is the close connection and proximity I have with the instrument, as well as many years of experience that give me the possibility to feel this. But from the position of the audience this same connection cannot be felt.

Vibrating Strings aims to create a closer connection with the listener and the musician, by inviting you to experience the vibration when the violin is being played.